Our services

Equipment and machinery leasing

VEB-leasing offers integrated delivery of all types of equipment for enterprise modernization from major Russian and international vendors along with the full range of export, import, forwarding, and customs services.

Equipment is available in both serial configurations and in specialized and custom configurations meeting specific needs of businesses.

Equipment is delivered directly by vendors with a complex of startup and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty services. If you have a positive track record of cooperation with a certain supplier of equipment, we are ready to buy equipment from the chosen vendor with an offer of preferential financing and all benefits of leasing.

We are able to import unique process equipment without equivalents in the Russian market on preferential terms (with considerably reduced tax and customers charges).


Aircraft leasing

VEB-leasing cooperates with major Russian aircraft manufacturers (United Aircraft Building Corporation, Sukhoi, Russian Helicopters, etc. ) and such international industry giants as Boeing and Airbus. We offer our customers leasing deals for the entire lineup of new and used civil aircraft, transport planes, and business aircraft.

The undisputable advantage of buying Russian aircraft under lease contracts is the availability of compensation for lease payments under the Russian Government Resolutions No.466 dated 26 June 2002 and No.90 dated 16 February 2008. This enables lessees to achieve one of the lowest percentages of appreciation of leased assets on the market.